Who we are

Quality education is key to the development of a healthy individual and society: educated children and young adults produce more and with better quality, are aware of their rights and responsibilities, and are able to actively contribute to building a sustainable and fair economy.

This is why, at Alfa and Beto Institute, we work to create a conscious and more productive society starting with education. We work to promote and strengthen the educational debate in Brazil, because we believe that education only improves when there is social pressure to do so- especially from important and strategic sectors. And we believe that social pressure exists only when it is preceded by information and knowledge.

We understand that the Brazilian society, and many of its keys players and influencers, have not yet woken up to the enormous challenge that must be overcome in the country’s educational system, and we aspire to transform that.

Through our publications and actions, we offer analyses that show whether and how educational policies and practices contribute to develop students’ skills and essential competencies to make them progress satisfactorily at school and in the job market.

The criteria of our analyses are student-focuses and evidence-based: it is only possible to formulate and evaluate educational policies and practices based on scientific evidence gathered with technical accuracy.

This is what Alfa and Beto Institute believes. This is how Alfa and Beto Institute works.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to contribute evidence and analysis on what works best in education to enhance the debate and instigate a change in policies and practices at a national level, mobilizing key sectors of society around key issues for the advancement of education.

We believe in the rigorous analysis of the evidence and best practices; excellence in the implementation of all our actions; full independence in our work; and the importance of a well-informed debate to promote better educational policies.


Foto: João Batista Araujo e Oliveira

João Batista Araujo e Oliveira President of Alfa and Beto Institute

Ph.D., Educational Research, Florida State University (1973)
Bachelor’s, Psychology, Catholic University of Minas Gerais (1969)

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